Our values are what have made us who we are today, respecting the values of our customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Zylux gives you a clear advantage through its honest leadership, acoustical know-how, and a close support team of passionate, experienced employees.


Zylux’ passion for service to its customers spans over two decades.
No wonder the world’s leading brands entrust us as their
dedicated ODM partner.


Respect for our partner’s needs is paramount. From original designs
that are researched to the delivery of guaranteed quality, you will
value our quality input to your audio needs and our ability to meet
your schedule in terms of time-to-market. Confidentiality goes
hand-in-hand with our reputation.


We aim to be in continual harmony with our partners in a win-win
situation. We balance our technical knowledge of acoustic engineering with
your consumers’ audio needs. Our success has been based on providing
you with the best.




Our multiple strategic partnerships with leading sound specialists as well
as our list of established clients are a mirror to our commitment to this value.