How We're Different
Design Engineering Excellence
Production Capabilities
Quality Assurance
In-time Services
Proprietary Products
  Consumer’s today are spoiled for choice. At Zylux, we make it our mission
to provide you with a product that will set your brand apart. Through a
number of critical ODM disciplines, Zylux has provided its clients with
strong product and service differentiation. For over 25 years, the Zylux
speaker factory has specialized in producing for you the best possible
speaker at the best possible price. As a result, we can count the Top three
market players in the computer world as among our regular customers.
  Since, to qualify as a vendor for global ODM, one has to have the
Large production capacity
Strict quality assurance procedures
Established reputation
Experienced acoustic know-how
Transducer, mechanical & electrical design engineering capability
Worldwide logistic solutions with complex forecast calculation,
and Just-In-Time capabilities
Willingness to invest in special custom-made projects
  Zylux offers the best possible and competitive pricing structure and value
proposition offer.

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