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  At Zylux, every production step is tested regularly to ensure our standard meets your uncompromising international quality levels. You will find a real-time QC process in place that ensures minimal defect ratio. Our processs also has steps in place to be flexible to fluctuating demands.

Quality testing occurs on the following levels & operations and in accordance with our standards determined by our ISO 9002 and QS9000—(ISO 14001 pending)
Design – Transducer
      –Software tools
APII, Brüel & Kjær
Acoustic Enclosure Design Software (Nanjing University)
    –In-house prototype fabrication
    –Environmental testing
    –State-of-the-art Anechoic Chamber (Fo = 50Hz)
Design – Mechanical
      –Turn key solution advantage
        •Value engineering & Value analysis contribution
    –Enclosure & Port design
        •including extensive plastic tooling expertise
    –Tooling design & support
        •Pro-E™ / AutoCAD™ / SolidWork™ / Mold advisor software tools
    –ID design
        •CorelDraw ™ / Adobe Photoshop ™
Incoming material inspection
  Zylux has a process where all incoming materials are 100% tested or
submitted to an ICQ work flow at factory level (China) as well as at
our R&D center in Taiwan to evaluate, verify specifications and detect
defects before acceptance from our sub suppliers.
Material Flow Review
  A dedicated method or flow is inhered to for all materials, passing
alternatively through the following processes:
Discrepant/Non-conforming material process
  Strict adherence to a management protocol is followed where discrepant
or non-conforming issues with materials arise, so that recurring issues
and such problems can be eliminated or prevented.
Traceability process
  All parts can be traced to an exact source or process.
Final inspection
  Zylux has a 100% inspection policy at the assembly line, as well as final inspection before shipping products.
In addition, our factory can also manage the following testing possibilities:
Temperature & Humidity climate test chambers
Salt fog test chambers
UV testing
Reliability testing
Life test parameters
Random vibration tests
Design validation tests
Drop tests
  We can also create and manage custom testing specifications.

Furthermore, in response to our customers, we are well-versed in analyzing
Failure Modes (using specialized FMEA software), doing a Control Plan Product
Design & Process, as well as proposing a Corrective Action Procedure, and
using the Pareto analysis method.
Anechoic Chamber
  Besides our discipline in following established QA engineering standards in
testing your product and using software acoustical solutions, we are proud
to offer you our custom-made anechoic chamber—set up with assistance
of Nanjing University’s College of Acoustic Engineering—the only recognized
Chinese institution in China specialized in acoustical engineering.
  In tandem with the latest acoustical test equipment from Brüel & Kjær this
chamber offers the perfect sound monitoring system for accurate
measurements and faster cycle time in the trial-and- error process
for new samples.


Quality Policy - English / Chinese
Environmental Policy - English / Chinese
OHSAS Policy - English / Chinese
Zylux EICC Policy - English / Chinese


You can be confident with our solutions and practices. All products are developed in accordance with our company’s methodology certifications:

  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 14001
  3. T/S 16949
  4. OHSAS 18000
  5. Lead Free & RoHS Manufacturing